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Michelle Abusuneima


Every day With Livy

About The Book

Every day with Livy has created a true awakening of the heart and soul. This book is a look into the interactions between Michelle and her dearly departed daughter Olivia. The reader is taken on a personal journey along with Michelle and her family through the various ways Olivia is present in their lives even after death.

This book also includes the stories of other families and the signs their children send through symbolic experiences. These stories were shared with Michelle by other moms throughout the world, whom she found comfort and connection with.

Olivia’s presence has been a guiding force and a Blessing for Michelle’s family. Her gift of spiritual love has helped this grieving family to find healing and peace.

Michelle Abusuneima

About The Author

“Michelle is the mother of three wonderful children and three furry babies. Michelle has always felt her purpose in life was to be a mother. Motherhood has been her greatest source of happiness and fulfillment. Since losing her daughter Olivia, Michelle feels a deep calling in her heart to offer hope, peace and healing to other grieving parents. She does this through her one-on-one connection to the hundreds of grieving mothers Michelle comes in contact with as well as her writings and book, Every Day with Livy.
 Michelle will continue to lead her life as a mother to her living children, as well as honoring the spirit of her dear departed daughter Olivia. Keeping her memory alive is an honor. Michelle resides on Long Island, New York with her husband Nehad and their three four-legged children: Gina, Ella and Luna.

“Olivia remains with them in spirit. ” 


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Amazon CustomerLife Changing!!
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This book has changed my life in so many ways and has opened up my mind and heart to the other side and the signs your loved ones can send from heaven. After recently losing my younger sister a year ago, reading this book has given me the peace I never thought I would feel again. It is beautifully written and will warm your heart with miraculous stories children have sent their mothers after passing. The perfect book for all to read, especially grieving mothers. Grateful for the author Michelle Abusuneima in so many ways. For sharing her story, writing this incredible book and creating an awesome community of grieving mothers during a heartbreaking and difficult time in her life. Pure strength and creativity. These stories are touching, tear jerking and open your eyes to all of the ways our angels can communicate with us. Just beautiful!!!
K. A.A comfort for your soul
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I applaud the author for channeling such intense grief into something so positive that the reader comes away assured that our departed loved ones are close and sending us messages of love and hope. This book shows examples of how to be open and recognize the signs that will fill you with comfort and peace knowing that they are from our loved ones. Thank you Michelle and the other participants for sharing their stories!
Amazon CustomerJadaya’s Mom
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If you have lost a loved one and feel lost, pick up this book. It will give you hope that your loved one is still with you everyday. Never loose hope in your grieve, it’s ok to cry and when you’re ready laugh to. Our loved ones are celebrating and smiling over us daily. Michelle did awesome job this book will keep you up reading more then once.
Mary Drew Love, Grief, and Hope!
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A Beautiful book written from a place of love and grief. As a Psychic Medium and Aurhor myself, I applaud the courage it takes to live with the loss of a loved one. This book is full of hope and peace, yet tingles your skin with the possibilities that signs are all around you. God Bless Livy and her family. A must Read!! Mary Drew
Katie GearySolace and Inspiration
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Michelle Abusuneima's "Every Day with Livy" is a poignant and deeply touching account of her journey alongside her departed daughter, Olivia. The book beautifully captures the intimate interactions between Michelle and Olivia, revealing a profound connection that transcends the boundaries of life and death. This heartfelt narrative is a testament to the enduring love between a mother and child and offers solace and inspiration to anyone who has experienced loss.
Bonnie CabralSupportive and Nurturing Space
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In "Every Day with Livy," Michelle Abusuneima not only shares her own experiences but also brings together the stories of other families who have encountered signs from their departed children. Through these shared narratives, readers find solace and a sense of connection with others who have experienced loss. Michelle's compassionate storytelling creates a supportive and nurturing space, reminding us that love continues to exist beyond the physical realm.
James HairRemarkable Exploration
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Michelle Abusuneima's book is a remarkable exploration of the healing power of love and the presence of departed loved ones in our lives. Through the gift of Olivia's spiritual love, Michelle's family finds strength, healing, and ultimately, peace. "Every Day with Livy" serves as an uplifting reminder that even in the face of grief, there are moments of connection and profound healing that can guide us on our path towards acceptance and serenity.
Emily Ryan"Every Day with Livy" by Michelle Abusuneima
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"Every Day with Livy" by Michelle Abusuneima is a soul-stirring read that delves into the depths of the human spirit. Michelle's personal journey with her departed daughter, Olivia, offers readers a unique perspective on life after death and the enduring presence of loved ones. This book awakens the heart and soul, opening doors to new possibilities and a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.
Roger WalkerPower of Unconditional Love
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Through her book "Every Day with Livy," Michelle Abusuneima crafts a touching tribute to the power of unconditional love. The stories shared within these pages showcase the profound impact that departed children can have on their families' lives, offering signs of their continued presence and love. Michelle's unwavering faith and vulnerability in sharing her experiences create a heartfelt and transformative reading experience for all who embark on this journey with her.